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artist Pete Samples

Winnipeg/Montreal/Vancouver, QC, CANADA
Alt Pop

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Pete Samples is on his way out.

Working as a one-man creative force, Pete Samples mindfully crafts each of his albums as an author would a storybook set for a grander life. A skilled multi-instrumentalist, he approaches his music as a production – not one song thought of without the others, not one album released without the pure and fantastic experience of a live show taken into account. His approach to music production is simple, refreshing, and powerful. It is of a fan first and musician later: always creating for the shared, yet intimately individual experience that music has the magical ability to locate.

Bekonscot, Pete Samples’ latest and final album, is an ode to memories past – a summary of ideas, of concepts, of visual and auditory experiences. As a maker of miniatures, Pete Samples was inspired by the album’s namesake, Bekonscot Model Village, the world’s first outdoor miniature landscape. Just as the model village is placed in a natural environment, taking advantage of each of the senses in unison, this album assumes a similar approach. It is the spirit of Bekonscot, with its charming imperfections and ability to be both small and grand that make it special. Featuring out-of-the-ordinary instrumentation and unusual production techniques, this is at once a delicately lush soundscape and an aggressive beat-heavy pop experience. Included in the release of Bekonscot, the album, is a collection of new and old songs, a tiny book of a series of miniature models, a 45-minute concept video, and a handmade embroidered leather case, bound together with a personally-chosen button and string.

“There is only so much a one man circus can accomplish”. This is Pete Samples’ final album, one that reflects his last 8 years, and one that finally feels complete. He asserts that it isn’t a dramatic ending, it is simply the beginning of something new. After playing alone for this long, Pete Samples is on his way to play with others.

Bekonscot will be released November 23, 2010, in a limited edition run of 200 handmade copies, and will also be available as a free digital download on A tour will follow in the spring of 2011.


Pete Samples musician


Rube Goldberg
November, 2010
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The Jumper Cables
May, 2008
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Yours Makes Mine
Vinyl Republik
March, 2007
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Fear of a Digital Planet
Vinyl Republik
June, 2006
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Vinyl Republik
October, 2004
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Vinyl Republik
October, 2004
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Between Exhales 5:09

Between Exhales

Video for the single, "Between Exhales" from my new record, "Yours Makes Mine!" I hope you like it. -Preston

Pete Samples - Bekonscot (Entire Album) 41:37

Pete Samples - Bekonscot (Entire Album)

This is a concept video to accompany Pete Samples' final record, Bekonscot. So, if you are going to listen to my new record - I highly recommend you grab your best speakers and watch this video for the next 40 minutes!

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