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artist Northern Troubadours

Edmonton, AB, CANADA
Heritage Records
Folk, Alt Pop

biographical info

The Northern Troubadours hailed from Edmonton and their band leader was the late Johnny Barteski,fiddle and vocals.Johnny came from from Invermay,Saskatchewan originally. Paul Chychul is featured on dulcimer ('Tsymbaly') and these tunes are sure to get you hopping or make you want to hold your sweetheart close. Their label is Heritage Records,who have given licensing to Winnipeg's Sunshine Records/Rig Publishing. Their original Heritage Records discography includes several 12" LP vinyl releases. These gentlemen played at countless weddings and parties,and had been mainly a local phenomemon.It just so happens that they are now being promoted to specialty radio and their kind of music is very important to Canadian heritage,and it is important that this heritage is not lost. Interested persons should contact . Their CD can be ordered from Sunshine Records(see homepage URL),or directly from iTunes, along with many other fine Ukrainian Polka bands.Please request Northern Troubadours at your local campus/community radio station on shows that play folk,or on radio programs such as the Saturday Night Get Together on CJGX,Yorkton,Saskatchewan.


by farmers in the
Canadian Prairies.
Passed through generations
Traditional Ukrainian Songs
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