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artist New Pornographers

Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Last Gang Records
Alt Rock, Alt Pop

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The New Pornographers formed in Vancouver in 1997 as Carl Newman's big idea, recruiting his favourite local talents to realize his grand vision. One of the first songs they recorded was "Letter From An Occupant," featuring the wildly soaring twang-free vocals of Neko Case, which stands as one of the greatest Canadian singles ever. Mint Records released 'Mass Romantic' in 2000, and when, at the 2001 SXSW festival, Ray Davies hopped on stage with the band and performed "Starstruck" for the first time ever live, well, things started rolling.


Kathryn Calder
Carl Newman Vocals, guitar
Neko Case Vocals
Dan Bejar Vocals
Kurt Dahle Drums, vocals
John Collins Bass
Blalne Thurier Keyboards
Todd Fancey Guitar, keyboards
Brill Bruisers
Last Gang Records
August, 2014
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Last Gang Records
May, 2010
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Various - Dark Was the Night
March, 2009
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Last Gang Records
August, 2007
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Roadshow ep
Mint Records
February, 2007
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Mint Records
October, 2006
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Twin Cinema
Mint Records
August, 2005
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Various: Matador at Fifteen
Matador Records
September, 2004
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Electric Version
Mint Records
May, 2003
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Various: Canned Hamm's Karazma: Reimagined
Pro-Am Entainment International
January, 2001
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Mass Romantic
Mint Records
October, 2000
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Myriad Harbour 3:56

Myriad Harbour

CD: Challengers (2007) Last Gang Records

Challengers 4:00


CD: "Challengers" (2007) Last Gang Records

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New Pornographers

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