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artist Miss Emily Brown

Quadra Island, BC, CANADA

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Fusing the art-forms of poetry and song, Canadian performer Miss Emily Brown bravely navigates the space between silence and sound with her unmistakable voice. Brown delivers decadently visual lyrics with pin-drop power across musical landscapes where folk, jazz, pop and electronic elements freely mingle. In six short years, she has produced four solo albums and three collaborative albums with West Coast chamber-folk ensemble Morlove. 

Road-stories? She's got suitcases full: the tale of the stolen autoharp; the mis-guided, gushing email from Gene Simmons; the demise of a beloved tour van named Bubblegum; the revival of Via Rail train performances; a chance encounter with a real-life Merovingian. Miss Emily Brown may have sought refuge in a cabin in the wilds of Quadra Island, but she has not forsaken the road: the life of a Canadian DIY touring artist is addictively unpredictable.

Nominated for a Canadian Folk Music Award for Pushing the Boundaries, a CBC Radio Bucky Award for Best New Artist, and put forward for the coveted Polaris Prize, Miss Emily Brown is currently preparing to record her next, highly anticipated full-length album. Understated, surprising and genuine, Miss Brown’s craft verges on the elemental and the timeless. Her touch is subtle. Her music is oceanic, huge.

“Miss Emily Brown’s voice is a mercurial weapon.” - exclaim! 


Par ailleurs, les antécédents jazz et folk de Miss Emily Brown, combinés à sa passion pour la musique électronique et l'improvisation, donnent à ses prestations une touche particulièrement novatrice. Music-Box, autoharpe, guitare et Pianet accompagnent sa voix ensorcelante.


Emily Brown artist
Anorak - Wooden Peak Compilation
June, 2014
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Wire Wood Wind
March, 2012
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Sum of All Parts EP
November, 2010
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In Technicolor
January, 2010
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Part of You Pours Out of Me
April, 2008
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The Diary of Amy Briggs 5:00

The Diary of Amy Briggs

A Story Told Well Presents:

Miss Emily Brown with "The Diary Of Amy Briggs"

In September 2009, we spent a day with Miss Emily Brown in Vancouver, BC as she cooled her heels between tours and recorded material for her upcoming release "In Technicolour". Hannah Epperson backs her up on violin.

Produced by: A Story Told Well

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Miss Emily Brown

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