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artist Mercy, the Sexton

St. John's, NL, CANADA
Alt Pop, Power

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Mercy the Sexton. Think The Cars meet Phoenix in a booze-can on a barren rock in the North Atlantic that has its own time zone.  Six pieces altogether: bass, trap kit, two synths, two guitars and two singers (a boy and a girl). You might hear 80s pop, Motown, electro, 50s rock-and-roll, new wave, Pavement and/or Springsteen.  The songs are about when relationships get complicated.  It’s kind of like nouveau new-wave painted with primary colours in the girls’ bathroom at your favourite dive.

Say it Back, Mercy the Sexton’s sophomore release, is the follow-up to 2008 Atlantis Prize winning Another Month.  Recorded over sessions in January and June of 2010, Say it Back lives in St. John’s slushy mornings and Toronto’s t-shirt nights.  Evolving the sound they established on Another Month, the album stretches Mercy's hooky pop aesthetic (two songs on the record run longer than 4 minutes).  The music is at times layered and full (the singalong chorus in "I'm Only Saying') and spacious (the moody first verse in 'Away, Away').  Mercy has added several new colours to its songwriting palette: 'He Said, She Said' is a duet for ill-fated lovers, while ‘Back on the Lake’ is damn close to a ballad.  The lyrics have an honest wit, and images of travel, aging and longing inform these often bittersweet and sometimes funny songs.


Duncan Major Keyboards
Luke Major Vocals/Guitar
Say it Back
December, 2010
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Another Month
April, 2008
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St. John's, NL
Avalon Mall, St. John's, NL
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