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artist Mayor Mcca

Toronto, ON, CANADA

biographical info

Mayor McCa!

Previously hailed as, The One-Man-Band Singing Sensation, and now the
self-proclaimed, "Hardest Working Man in Show Business (James Brown R.I.P)", Mayor McCa(pronounced McCaw) is something of an anomaly. When
performing live he sits on a kick drum which he pounds with his right
foot. With his left foot he drops the bass along with an invention he
calls the Tambourine-Machine (copyright Mayor McCa). With his two
remaining appendages he rocks out on the electric guitar - consequently
rhythmically jiggling another of his inventions, The Maraca Wrist-Band.
To his right is his trusted sidekick, Casio Keyboard, which he tweaks
for lo-fi beats and whistles. And when he's not sucking or blowing down
harmonicas, kazoos or any other sonic contraption, he is soulfully
pushing air over his vocal chords and forming noises that portray his
most deep-felt thoughts and emotions.

Mayor McCa was born when Christian Anderson Smith
stumbled across an old advertising poster by the Beatles record label
(Apple) which was looking for new musicians. It had an enticing picture
of a One-Man-Band and under it read, "This man has talent!" CA
immediately saw the opportunity and Mayor McCa was born. Almost
immediately the offers came rolling in and McCa hit the road opening for
One Thousand Mona Lisas and other up-and-coming Canadian bands. Even
though his act was new and barely rehearsed he would play in front of
growing audiences every night. Inspired by Tom Waits, The White Stripes,
The Flaming Lips and Ween, McCa's subsequent recordings struck a nerve
and, when worked into his unique performances. Canadian indie label,
Sonic Unyon, took interest and instantly offered him a three album
record deal which he gladly accepted. His label buddies now included
stars like Mooney Suzuki and Frank Black. Mayor McCa was in the
ascendant. Before he knew it he had three albums: Busboy, Welcome To
McCaland and Me Is He.

Newly out of contract, CA looked at the situation as the perfect
opportunity to record and release a his fourth album, as a way to say
thank you to everyone who had helped him along the way. Even though he
self-released the album, El Limb Men Oh Pee, it remains his best-selling
album to date.

Following the release of El Limb Men Oh Pee, the Mayor decided on a
change of scenery, situating himself in the land of high tea and pounds,
England for the unknowing. After eight years of writing, touring and
perfecting a unique stage show, it was time to spread his wings and
become international. London was chosen as the first target destination
because so many of his favourite bands and albums have come from there
and because the Commonwealth was just too good to pass up.

September 28, 2006 will see the release of Mayor McCa's new full-length
album "Cue Are Es Tea You" on the We Are Busy Bodies( imprint in Canada (Meligrove
Band, Japanther, Jon-Rae & The River),and soon the rest of the world. His Name is McCa. He is Mayor.


CA Smith Leader & Ruler
Cue Are Es Tea You
December, 2006
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El Limb Men Oh Pee
July, 2003
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Me Is He
Sonic Unyon Records
January, 2001
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Welcome to McCAland
Sonic Unyon Records
May, 1999
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