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artist Matapat

Montreal, QC, CANADA
Intermede music

biographical info

While undeniably French Canadian, MATAPAT's music reflects influences from a diverse spectrum of musical traditions and cultures. Rooted in French Canadian music tradition, MATAPAT expends the soul and spirit of folk music in new and exciting directions. Its subtle arrangements and a kaleidoscope of styles ranging from Jazz, world-Celtic, R&B, to traditional folk music from Quebec, France, and Ireland, create a unique cross-cultural musical blend. The result? A captivating and powerful performance where engaging folk melodies and spirited World rhythms and tones combine to create a one of its kind musical reunion. Matapat's latest Album is "Que de peine et d'amour" (Such Heartbreak and Love) released in December 2005. Matapat is: Gaston Bernard Simon Lepage Francois Dauphin Tommy Gauthier


Tommy Gauthier Violin / foot tapping
Francois Dauphin percussions/stepdance
Simon Lepage Bassist
gaston bernard lead singer


Improvisational music
percussive dance
Quebec Traditions
Que de peine et d'amour
Intermede music
December, 2005
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Matapat 2 1/2
Intermede music
June, 2004
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Bourque, Bernard Et Lepage
February, 2002
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