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artist Lucid 44

Calgary, AB, CANADA
tonto is jesus
Roots & Folk

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Lucid 44 was established in the early 90’s, streaming the self-described genre sad bastard death folk.  Heavily influenced by music labels like K records, kill rock stars and Sub pop. Mainly recording on 4 track cassette and touring on the greyhound bus whenever to be had. Along the way releasing numerous albums under a self-produced label called “Tonto is jesus Recordings”. Reluctantly touring and performing, having the mindset that this is just a glorified camping trip where you can enjoy the spirit of other artisans and have a square breakfast from time to time.



Leslie Mark Overland Composer
Body Harm Sounds
August, 2009
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Co. Mah Coal
tonto is jesus
July, 2008
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... and god gave me legs
tonto is jesus
April, 2007
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tonto is jesus
April, 2006
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tonto is jesus
April, 2004
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As I Learn not to hate the sun ....
tonto is jesus
October, 2003
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Lucid 44 Live 5:15

Lucid 44 Live

Lucid 44 plays Cope/inn at the restore

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2523A-17th avenue S.W., calgary, AB
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