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artist Lost Hombre

Burnaby, BC, CANADA

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Lost Hombre was formed in 2008 by singer/songwriter Owen Belton, who is also a successful composer for dance and theatre. This background adds a richness to the production and arrangements on their latest album, 13 Songs For a Beautiful Ghost (released Sept 13th, 2011), but the songs come from a more intense emotional place. A listen through the albums 13 songs will reveal this. Lost Hombre's music is acoustic based, often with a folky feel, with the odd latin element entering the proceedings here and there, catchy hooks and creative poetic lyrics. Their current lineup features Owen Belton on vocals, guitars, ukulele and mandolin.



Owen Belton Lead vocals, Guitars, Ukulele, Mandolin
Daniel Ruiz Drums & Percussions
Charles Britton Guitar, Architecture, Repercussions
Ellis Basses and the Fabulous (but rarely used) Empty Speaker Box


The Smiths
Sing Sing Dead Man
My Brain
13 Songs for a Beautiful Ghost
September, 2011
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Into the Sunset
June, 2009
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Lost Hombre

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