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artist Longyears Slowtears

Calgary, AB, CANADA

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Longyears slowtears started back in 1998.We started writing songs as a band of 2 musicians. Jeremy Colleaux and Kelly singer. After many hours of writing, and establishing long years slowtears unique sound, we met up with troy bleigh, nathan cradock, and we were finally were able to play some local shows.after the recording of the first full length album (nonfeeler) Kelly, jeremy and the rest of the band went there seperate ways. in 2001 Jeremy still prosued the sound of longyears with long time friend and musician Travis moreside. Travis who has educational background in recording and video helped greatly in crafting a more experimental sound. Kelly singer shortly after decided from his home in saskatoon to come back into the project. With a strong background in recording and sound experimenting longyears was heded for a much more diverse sound. Currently to date we are hard at work mixing the already finished music. Striving for a very moody sound touching several backrounds including fifty's swing to epic blackmetal.


Jeremy colleaux Travis moreside


Hogs At The Trough
February, 2013
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Instilled Notions of Being
January, 2006
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