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artist Krista L. L. Muir

Montreal, QC, CANADA
hypo records

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There is only one Krista Muir. She lives in a world of surrealism, of cuckoo clocks and antique lampshades, of ukuleles with varying dispositions and lace collars, of the classic bob haircut of a not-so-folk singer, and a sailor uniform that has taken her on a melodic ship around the world.

Krista grew up on a diet of classical piano and suzuki violin but began composing original music when she went electric with her first bass. She then performed for six years as alter ego Lederhosen Lucil, playing vintage keyboard electro pop. As Lucil she released a number of independent singles and two full-length albums - "Hosemusik" (2002) and "Tales From The Pantry" (2003) - and spent much of 2003-2005 on tour throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe with friend and co-conspirator DJ Kid Koala. Then - BOOM - she was struck with ukulele fever

After falling for the baritone uke in 2006, Krista composed a collection of whimsical tunes that she recorded with Toronto's Fembots and Montreal producer Shane Watt. “Leave Alight” (2007) led to “Accidental Railway,” (2008) which led to "Between Atoms" (2011) - the first album Muir created from conception to inception putting on all the hats from composing, engineering, mixing, producing to the artwork. Picking and strumming, Muir reflects the rich tradition of folk artists such as Joni Mitchell and Bobbie Gentry while drawing inspiration from Greek Rembetika and French Chanson styles.

"Between Atoms" led her down a psychedelic pop road that brought her back to her love of organs/keyboards and culminated in the latest release - "Guten Tag Gemini!" (2013) - in which alter ego Lederhosen Lucil & Muir teamed up together to sing about women's hockey, hackers, hair babies, interconnectivity and bicycle safety. "Chicken On Clark" allowed Muir to embrace her lofi DIY video roots. 

Muir's multidisciplinary approach to life has led her down many paths between records. She has had the pleasure of working with director Kara Blake on three videos, including the exquisite Bravo!Fact stop-motion animation "Concrete Lovesong", surreal puppet video "Semi-Sweet"(w. acclaimed puppeteer Jason Hopley) and "Leave Alight". She also composed music for Canadian indie filmmakers Sarah Galea-Davis ("I Made A Girlfriend") and Sophie Deraspe (“Signes Vitaux”) and wrote a micro-operetta for "Kit Operette" by Montreal's public art/interactivity group "Daily Tous Les Jours" (2012).

Other projects include Lederhosen Lucil teaming up with the CWHL in 2013 and playing her own brand of hockey organ music at select games. She is a fan of pro women's hockey and penned the song "Skate For Their Lives" in honor of The Montreal Stars. Muir also started an annual love song service for Valentine's Day 2012 (she plans on expanding due to demand) called "Chanson-O-Grammes" and has written 23 love songs to date for loved ones (partners, children, husbands, friends...) from around the world. "Ici, on chante l'amour!" (their motto "Here, we sing love!")

Muir is currently teaching ukulele, collaborating with a host of artists including semi-fictional mapmaker Shane Watt, and developing a tv series.  

"The talented songstress and musician also dons the hats of producer and engineer on this lushly polished pop album, burying her patented ukulele behind the real stars of the show, a collection of vintage organs as well as her own vocal acrobatics that bring the music to another electronic astral plane. At times quirky and kooky, at times dark and deadly serious, Muir has pushed her creative palette into new universes of creation, a space-age bachelorette sound." Nightlife Magazine, Dec. 2013 (S. Guimond)

"Accidental Railway is a mostly acoustic multilingual pop gem, the culmination of recent travels and explorations of the world around us, the music difficult to pin down, having absorbed myriad instrumentations, cultures and peoples." Montreal Hour

"Accidental Railway entraîne l'auditeur dans un monde à la fois zen et psychédélique. Chaque chanson est un micro-univers." Voir Montreal

"En fait, j’aurais envie de dire que ce disque est une sorte d’abécédaire de l’écriture musicale. Simple, sans prétention aucune. J'ai déjà hâte d’entendre la suite." CBC Bande à part

"Keeping us guessing at every turn, the breadth of styles showcased is impressive, as is her multilingualism – Greek on the superb album highlight ‘The Ride’ and French on ‘Les Ouaouarons’, a song that sounds like it could have been taught at Sunday school but remains hard to resist...She even provides ukulele charts...just in case you wanted to play along at home.” Wears The Trousers


Krista Muir Composer & Performer
Shane Watt Bassist, Vocalis


Beach Boys
The Zombies
Creedance Clearwater Revival
Captain Beefheart
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Cyndi Lauper
Pet Shop Boys
Dead Milkmen
Missy Elliott
Weird Al Yankovic
Hildegard Knef
Hermans Hermits
Kate Bush
A Pocket Full of Lullabies
hypo records
May, 2015
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Guten Tag Gemini
hypo records
November, 2013
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Between Atoms Le Pierre Crube Remix
April, 2013
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Between Atoms
hypo records
May, 2011
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Horror & Romance On Another Planet
November, 2010
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Accidental Railway
Indica Records
October, 2008
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Leave Alight
August, 2007
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Between Atoms Le Pierre Crube Remix 4:12

Between Atoms Le Pierre Crube Remix

Krista Muir has long loved making lo-fi videos. Here's a wicked remix of the title track off her latest album "Between Atoms" by Pierre Crube (Numero). For the video featuring Shane Watt (Semi-fictional Mapmaker), Muir had fun using prisms, sunglasses, 80's influences, retro shower cap, beautiful marble moon and LOT of imagination. 

Concrete Lovesong 2:56

Concrete Lovesong

A beautiful bittersweet animation about the quest for perfection.

Leave Alight 2:20

Leave Alight

With the flick of many switches, Krista and her baritone ukulele lead us out of the darkness.

Live at Pop Montreal 2011 1:56

Live at Pop Montreal 2011

Krista Muir & The Enhancers live at the Ukrainian Federation Hall!

Hacker Be Hacked! 0:48

Hacker Be Hacked!

Krista's ukulele response to having her gmail/facebook accounts hacked by a wily hacker who almost duped a few of her international touring friends into wiring him over $10,000!

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Krista L. L. Muir

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