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artist Kate Maki

Sudbury, ON, CANADA
Confusion Unlimited
Folk, Country

biographical info

Kate Maki is a hardy country type of pioneer woman. Her guitar picking rhythm is like a drum, and she can belt out, even when she is quiet, like a storm. Her music carries its own necessity of illuminating and her songs represent a real natural talent for writing tunes that feel like a friend you’ve never met, but that you’ve known forever.  Born and raised in Sudbury, Kate has been recording and touring since quitting her day job as a grade-school teacher in 2003. She has released five solo albums and has established a solid international fan base.  A frequent collaborator, Kate has toured and recorded with Ruth Minnikin, Dale Murray, Howe Gelb, the Levecque brothers and most recently with her husband, Fred Squire. After touring the country together in 2011, Kate and Fred decided to take a break from the road and settled in Sudbury to start a family.  A new record is set for release in May 2016.

"Like the best country singers, alt or otherwise, Maki's voice is conversational yet somehow self-contained, as if it'd be quite happy talking to itself sitting on an open plain, or whistling to itself behind a wheel." - Mojo

"She can sell a song with only her voice and an acoustic guitar." - Pitchfork

“Canada's newly crowned princess of daydreamy songwriting - somewhere in the magical musical realm of Mazzy Star, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood, and Belle & Sebastian.” - San Francisco Chronicle

“The country swagger and sweet sincerity of Johnny Cash and June Carter combined.” - Deadbolt

“In her own way, Maki rocks as hard as the fiercest metal band.  Anyone that can get an audience stomping their feet and silently swaying in the course of a 20 minute set is well on their way to musical success.” - Chart Attack

“High school teacher by day, singer-songwriter by night Kate Maki comes over as a countrified Neil Young or Jolie Holland and doesn’t need her behaviour management skills to force appreciation from the crowd for a smart and witty performance.” - SoundsXP

"Homespun alt-country folk-rock ditties that go down easy, like Southern Comfort and root beer."- Now Toronto

"An unencumbered singer-songwriter with an easy country-parlour delivery." - Globe and Mail 

"There's something disarming about her gently fluttering country-folk delivery." - Uncut

“A wild and wondrous depth. A Canadian iconoclast.” - LA Weekly

"Kate Maki deserves our attention, and sooner rather than later." - Americana UK

Kate Maki Albums



ON HIGH (2008)



Confusion Unlimited
May, 2011
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Two Song Wedding
Confusion Unlimited
January, 2010
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On High
Confusion Unlimited
February, 2008
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The Sun Will Find Us
Confusion Unlimited
December, 2004
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Confusion Unlimited
Confusion Unlimited
September, 2003
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Kate Maki

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