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artist Kara Keith

Montreal, QC, CANADA

biographical info

Kara Keith is an eclectic singer/songwriter who has formed different bands by different names at different times in her life. Subsequently she has quit them all. Choosing now to perform in a band by her own name, Kara Keith realizes it may be the most difficult one to quit.
Born in Calgary, Keith was active in the indie music scene there until she accepted a scholarship to attend The Banff Centre for the Arts in 2007/08. After completing an 8 month artist residency in the magic mountains she moved to Montreal, formed a new band; "Your Dignity", and recorded her first full length album "Vision's Fugitives" which was engineered by grammy nominated producer Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire) and Radwan Moumneh (Thee Silver Mount Zion, Godspeed You Black Emperor) Check out Itunes March 2009! and please do give a listen to the first four tracks featured on NMC.
Kara Keith: Self-titled EP-2008
Falconhawk: Here's Your Ghost-2005
Falconhawk: Hotmouth-2004
Kara Keith: The love Years-2003

From last year's self titled EP, the track "Kick This City" made it to spot #2 on the R330 Summer 2008.
Both "Hotmouth" and "Here's Your Ghost" were released to much critical acclaim. With only a breif two week tour in support of the albums and limited live concerts, both albums made it into the top 10 Exclaim! earshot charts.
Kara Keith and company have been recorded twice live for cbc3 and once for Zed TV.
Kara's independantly made Falconhawk video for the song "Olympia" was picked up by Much Music, MTV2 and MTV and toured the world as part of "The International Underground Video Festival" in 2005.

The newly formed "Kara Keith and Your Dignity" has begun playing in Montreal and plans to tour in support of "Vision's Fugitives" spring/summer 2009.


Kara Keith singer/songwriter/keyboarder
Jen Reimer Horn
Alex MacSween drums
Jamie Fooks guitar
Markus Lake bass


Vision's Fugitives
March, 2009
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Kara Keith EP
Saved By Radio
August, 2007
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