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artist Kinnie Starr

Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Aporia Records
Hip Hop, Electro

biographical info

Kinnie Starr is one of Canada’s most adored and critically acclaimed underground musicians. Widely known as an artist with an original, authentic voice, Starr relies on “raw feral talent” (Globe and Mail), solid groove, and a love for wordplay whether performing sensual and literate hip-hop, heartfelt guitar songs or spoken word. She has been blazing trails since 1996 with her beat slamming recordings, outspoken race and gender politics, intelligent and edgy visual art and striking looks.

A Juno Award winning producer (2010, Digging Roots “We Are”) and Juno nominated artist (2004, “Sun Again”), Kinnie Starr has been an active artist and role model in the Canadian arts scene for more than fifteen years, and has been a significant influence to other artists including Tegan & Sara and Nelly Furtado. She has toured extensively throughout her career including the US, Europe and Asia, and performed at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. The New Yorker describes her as "edgy and enchanting".

Starr will release her 6th full album entitled "Kiss It" on Aug 20, 2013, through Aporia Records. Entirely self-produced, the record is based on sparse, fresh, new wave electro hip hop beats created by Kinnie herself. Since hip hop tends to cater exclusively to homogenized male sexuality, Starr has chosen to base her new album on positive female sexuality. A sense of inquiry about what 'home' is dominates the album content as a reflection of our globally minded thinking. And of course, Starr's signature, sensual, singspeak rap style is the backbone of everything.


De La Soul
Led Zeppelin
Aporia Records
August, 2013
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Kinnie Starr

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