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artist Jim Guthrie

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Pop, Rock

biographical info

Welcome to the fantabulous world of Jimmy 3-Guts(a.k.a. Jim Guthrie). Jim has been a very busy man over the past 15-ish years. He has put out three solo albums, three albums with Royal City and played on countless others. He has toured all over the place and has been nominated for a couple of Junos. More recently he has tackled writing music for film and T.V. He likes to think of his jingle work as "experimental pop" but knows that's stretching it.  He's also composed music for awarding winning video games such as Sword & Sworcery and Sound Shapes.  Jim has started work on a new solo record but really can't ya when it's gonna be done.  BUT SOON

Takes Time
Static Clang
May, 2013
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Sword & Sworcery LP - The Ballad of the Space Babies
April, 2011
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Now, More Than Ever (Expanded Edition)
June, 2010
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When We Were Boys(Soundtrack)
February, 2010
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Now, More Than Ever
Three Gut Records
November, 2003
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Morning Noon Night
Three Gut Records
April, 2002
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A Thousand Songs
Three Gut Records
August, 1999
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Jim Guthrie

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