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artist Jenn Grant

Halifax, NS, CANADA
Outside Music

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Jenn Grant is currently on tour around the world, performing songs from her 2015 two time Juno Nominated album, Compostela.

‘Compostela’ translates to “Field of Stars” Or ‘Star Field’ – which comes from the legend that the dust of the pilgrims who walk the El Camino, make up the stars that form the Milky Way. There is an element of space on this new album. Teetering on psychedelic folk and into a balladry of melodic storytelling, you are welcomed into the heart’s cave. Where a subtle yet pulsing groove alongside moments of Spanish inspired guitar reflect an important journey, which began in 2012 in Barcelona.

There’s a band of stars on Compostela, including Sarah Harmer, Buck 65, Ron Sexmsith, Rose Cousins, Don Kerr, Kim Harris, Stewart Legere, Doug Paisley, Justin Rutledge, Rachel Sermanni and Grant’s producer for her 2009 release Echoes, Jonathan Goldsmith. For the first time ever, Grant’s brother Daniel Grant, a Toronto based cinematographer performs with her, accompanying her velvety voice on songs like "Spanish Moon" on the charango.

For Compostela, Grant worked alongside her husband and producer, Daniel Ledwell. Ledwell is quickly becoming known for his unique sense of production. In the studio they built close to their home last summer, among the hemlock trees and overlooking Martin Lake, he has helped to transform Grant’s folk, indie rock and alternative pop ballads into lush and adventurous offerings. In this creative and explorative environment, she can expand her many sounds and flavors with grace. Having now made three albums together, Ledwell’s production has become a special piece of this couple’s music making puzzle, for a fast growing cult following of Grant fans.

On this album, flutes, harps, violins, congas, wurlitzer, piano and lap steel enhance the depth and subtleties of her effortless singing. There is a warmth reminiscent to tape, found in the intricate layers of instrumentation that help to carry this new collection of songs right from the edges of the earth to the field of stars from which they came.



laura veirs
camera obscura
sigor ros
beach house
Outside Music
October, 2014
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The Beautiful Wild
Six Shooter Records
September, 2012
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Honeymoon Punch
Six Shooter Records
January, 2011
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Songs for Siigoun
Six Shooter Records
October, 2010
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Six Shooter Records
February, 2009
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Orchestra for the Moon
April, 2007
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Jenn Grant and Goodbye Twentieth Century
MapleMusic Recordings
January, 2005
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The Beautiful Wild EPK 5:55

The Beautiful Wild EPK

EPK for Jenn Grant's 2012 release The Beautiful Wild

Getcha Good 3:22

Getcha Good

From Jenn Grant's 2011 release, Honeymoon Punch

Baby's Been Away 4:05

Baby's Been Away

From Jenn Grant's 2011 release, Honeymoon Punch

Honeymoon Punch 3:39

Honeymoon Punch

EPK for Jenn Grant's new album Honeymoon Punch.

You'll Go Far 2:48
Awkward Interviews 1:09
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