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artist Jen Lane

Saskatoon, SK, CANADA

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It takes a lot to stand out in the crowded world of Americana female vocalists, but Lane pulls it off with aplomb on “For the Night”. The album was nominated for “Roots Solo Recording of the Year” at the Western Canadian Music Awards in 2011 proving that her two previous award-nominations were no fluke. Lane was able to head out on an extensive tour to promote her outstanding album, however, in the thick of it all, it became apparent that there was one more thing she would need to do. Lane would eventually take a full year off of performing for an extensive ankle surgery and rehabilitation process in order to be able to pursue her career. This gave Lane the perfect excuse to once again throw herself into song writing. The year has come and gone and Lane is plotting her come back. The plans are already in motion to release an EP of “Duets” with partner John Antoniuk this fall followed by a full Canadian tour! Also, with the support of a Rawlco Radio Grant, Lane is making plans with Producer/Engineer John Keane (R.E.M, Cowboy Junkies) to record a new album in Athens, Georgia for release in 2015.



"smokekiller and JEN LANE are two of the happy finds of SXSW"billsmusicblog

"a strong talent.  Jen has hit a depth in her songwriting that people twice her age struggle to find.  Her many talents also include a truly lovely voice.  One day, we in Saskatchewan will be saying, "I knew her when...."
Sheila Coles, CBC Radio 1, The Morning Edition

"...her self-titled release really is the perfect accompaniment for summer drives, back porches or early morning coffees. It's enjoyable, uplifting and Lane really sets a great tone on this record. Her stories are emotional and engaging, but the music never drags you down. The freedom and enjoyment of extended, foot stomping solos and sing-along harmonies (like on Hold on Strong or Broken Down Train) adds a nice spark."   

"You can picture your friends playing her songs and you start to think her stories could be yours and that's why you will listen to this record over and over again."

"Among the real standouts here are offerings from the intense acoustic balladry of jen lane..." chuck molgat,  planet s magazine, october 2005

"Jen Lane and Smokekiller are two of the happy finds of SXSW"  William Kates, billsmusicblog

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wide mouth mason
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notable showcases

CMW 2012
Breakout West 2011 (Whitehorse)
NXNE 2011
Prairie Scene 2011 (Ottawa)
SXSW 2011
CMW 2011
Breakout West 2010 (Kelowna)
Ness Creek Festival 2010 20th Anniversary
NXNE 2009
SXSW 2009
OCFF 2008
NXNE 2008
SXSW 2008
WCMA 2007 (Moose Jaw)
OCFF 2007
WCMA 2006 (Winnipeg)


Touring Band

Jen Lane                        vocals, guitar

John Antoniuk                guitar, vocals

Enver Hampton              bass

Christian Kongawi           drums

Kevin Kane                    electric guitar, keys

John Ellis                       pedal steel


Album Band

Jen Lane                        vocals, guitar

John Antoniuk                guitar, vocals, harmonica

Sam Cartwright              drums

Megan Lane                   vocals

John Ellis                       pedal steel

Kevin Kane                    electric guitar

Simon Kendall                piano, wurlitzer

Steven Drake                 bass, guitar, vocals, tambourine, piano, autoharp


"For The Night"   2010 (2011 WCMA Nominee - Roots Solo Recording of the Year)
"Jen Lane"          2006 (2007 WCMA Nominee -
Outstanding Independent Album)
"Injection"          2002
"Sleepless"         1999 (2000 Prairie Music Award Nominee - Outstanding Independent Album)


Jen Lane vocals, guitar
John Antoniuk guitar, vocals
John Ellis pedal steel
Enver Hampton bass
Christian Kongawi drums, vocals


Jen & John
August, 2014
List Tracks ▼
For The Night
September, 2010
List Tracks ▼
Jen Lane
July, 2006
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For The Night 1:25

For The Night

Jen Lane performing the title track from her new album live on Shaw Cables Stripped Down, with smokekiller on guitar

Earthquake 3:00


Jen Lane Band with Jen, John Antoniuk (smokekiller), Johnny Fay (tragically hip), Kevin Kane (grapes of wrath), and Del Cowsill (dustin bentall outfit) Live at Mitzi's Sister in Toronto

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2006, Outstanding Independent Album Nominee 2007 WCMA
2010, Roots Solo Recording of the Year 2011 WCMA
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Jen Lane

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