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artist In-Flight Safety

Halifax, NS, CANADA
Night Danger
Alt Rock, New Wave

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In-Flight Safety is happily based in Halifax, NS, Canada.

The band formed in the small town of Sackville, NB, during the twilight of their undergrad degrees. They studied fine art, computer sciences, geography, commerce and classics by day and toiled over music on the evenings and weekends.

Then one day an imaginable thing happened for such a nascent group. They received a one line email that said: "nice album". That email was from David Bowie in reference to a handmade copy of their basement-recorded, yet ambitiously cinematic, Vacation Land EP. They had found a fairy god sister in the form of Canadian Singer Songwriter Emm Gryner. She was the one who had sent the record to Bowie. She helped the young men devise a strategy that would take them beyond the marshes of ye ol' Sackville, NB. You see, this was in 2003. Much has happened since. We can't, nor will we try to, tell you everything because that would take up most of the your day.

The critically acclaimed Vacation Land EP arrived in 2003 and was followed in 2006 by the band's debut LP, The Coast Is Clear. The latter went on to earn JUNO and MuchMusic Video Award nominations and three East Coast Music Awards, including: Rising Star, Alternative Recording and Group Recording of the Year in 2007.

Their latest album We Are An Empire, My Dear (2009) was recorded in a 100-year-old schoolhouse during the dead of winter. The record combines pulsing bass, sparse piano, and hypnotic, pounding drums with hooky guitars inadvertently bathed in the neon colours of the 1980s. On Model Homes John sings plaintevly "I need to be alone, I need to be alone" but this album doesn't exclude. It's a ceremony of rich, textured emotion that stems from the layered and anthemic songs about love of life, fears, and paranoia. You share in that feeling as you listen.

Songs from Empire have been played on BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio 1 and also featured in NBC TV's The Office and Chuck, ABC's Rookie Blue and CW's The Vampire Diaries leading the band to new listeners around the globe. The group toured behind the effort throughout Canada, Europe and the US, including dates at the 2010 Winter Olympics, CMJ 2010 & 2009 and the Halifax Pop Explosion. 2010 culminated with an invitation to SxSW 2011, and Great Escape Festival (UK).

The band, now lead by John Mullane and Glen Nicholson, are putting the finishing touches on their latest record due out in 2013.


John Mullane Singer, guitar, keys
Glen Nicholson drums


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We Are An Empire, My Dear
Night Danger
January, 2009
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January, 2006
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In-Flight Safety

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