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artist Immaculate Machine

Victoria, BC, CANADA
Mint Records
Alt Rock, Alt Pop

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Immaculate Machine is an indie-rock band that lives on an island. In order to be able to travel freely to and from their geographically isolated homeland, they make rock albums.  The newest of these is "High On Jackson Hill" (April 2009).  Recorded in the comfort of singer/guitarist Brooke Gallupe's childhood home by producer Colin Stewart (Black Mountain), the latest offering is their most spontaneous sounding yet.

2007's "Fables" garnered praise in the international press and from fans during tours of Canada, the United States and Europe.  Lead single "Jarhand" was downloaded close to 300,000 times when it was chosen as the iTunes download of the week.  High profile collaborations with John Collins (New Pornographers), Owen Pallett (Final Fantasy), Alex Kapranos (Franz Ferdinand) and The Cribs caought the attention of indie music fans.

Immaculate Machine started as a trio of high school friends from Victoria, BC.  They silk-screened t-shirts, released their music independently and booked themselves long tours in barren stretches of Canada.  Vancouver, BC veteran indie label Mint Records was wowed by the band's tenacity after seeing them on the way back from six months of DIY touring.

Immaculate Machine released Ones and Zeros, its label debut, on Mint Records in September 2005 and set off immediately on a tour of N. America and Europe with Destroyer and The New Pornographers.  Ones and Zeros was followed in October 2006 by an EP of French translations of songs from Ones and Zeros, translated by Gallupe himself, a graduate in French Literature. It was met with puzzled enthusiasm.

For High On Jackson Hill, Immaculate Machine has grown in number.  Brooke Gallupe (guitar/vocals), Kathryn Calder (keyboard/vocals), Aden Collinge (drums), Caitlin Gallupe (bass) and Jordan Minkoff (guitar) create a bigger sound than ever before.  The quintet or quartet - depending on the show - will get off their isolated island to tour the Western World (at least) following the April release.


Brooke Gallupe guitar/vocals
Caitlin Gallupe bass/vocals
Kathryn Calder keyboards/vocals
Aden Collinge drums
Jordan Minkoff guitar
Brooke Wilken guitar/vocals
Luke Kozlowski drums/vocals


Montrose Apartments
Tour vans
High on Jackson Hill
Mint Records
April, 2009
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Sound the Alarms 3:09

Sound the Alarms

CD: High on Jackson Hill | 2009 Mint Records

C'mon Sea Legs 4:09

C'mon Sea Legs

CD: Fables (Mint) 2007

So Cynical 3:54

So Cynical

Spooooky performance video with slow-motion mouthing of lyrics.

Broken Ship 3:33

Broken Ship

Ping Pong tournament goes awry when mad scientist gets involved. Silliness ensues.

Dear Confessor 3:03

Dear Confessor

CD: Fables (Mint) 2007

Only Love You For Your Car 2:12

Only Love You For Your Car

Post-apocalyptic bicycle gang warfare. Masterminded by Victoria production supergroup Tippi Tomlin-Hood, Kimberli Persley and Kyle Surovy, the action adventure video packs a lot of punch (!) into a quick two minutes. Although the fighting is all fake, everyone still got hurt. And very very sunburned.

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Immaculate Machine

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