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artist High Five Drive

Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
Punk, Hard Rock

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High Five Drive has taken their brand of dual-vocalist fueled, supercharged punk rock to more people and places in the 2½ years since it’s inception than most bands will in their lifetimes. Described by some as “The best live band in Winnipeg”, they have recently completed their 5th tour, and have been building a fan base all over the Canadian map. Plans for yet another cross Canadian tour, as well as a stint along the west coast of the USA, are already in the works. Their most recent accomplishments include being chosen as one of the bands for Winnipeg radio station Power 97's "Class of 2004", which includes regular rotation on the most listened to rock station in Winnipeg. Since then, requests have been pouring in, landing High Five Drive in the coveted "Top 7 @ 7" several times, which features the most requested bands of the day. With all 1000 copies of their EP “…something better” being sold, High Five Drive contracted Producer Travis Saunders to record their first full-length album, “Service Engine Soon.” The new album quickly cemented the relationship the band built with Langley, B.C. based punk label, Spawner Records. Spawner proposed to release the album, and the marriage between the two has been strong ever since. What's next for High Five Drive? More touring? Definitely. World domination? Probably. They know where you live, so don’t bother to hide. As long as there are people and places to rock, High Five Drive will be rocking them like none before.


Dal Reimer Singer/Guitar
Service Engine Soon
August, 2004
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High Five Drive

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