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artist Hey Buster

Ottawa, ON, CANADA

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Hey Buster is a collective of Singer-Songwriter fathers from Ottawa that performs original songs for children and their parents.  Songs inspired by family life.  Fun songs.  Wonkytonk-folk-a-rockabilly-booger-peedancing songs.

Geoff Paisley, Matt Young, and Sherwood Lumsden, three longstanding friends were largely unaware of each other s musical ability until they all happened to start families at the same time.  Fate?

They started singing together on Friday nights after family swimming at Plant Bath to provide a diversion for the children and allow their wives a few moments of peace.  The boys had an instant vocal alchemy and a shared ability to be children masquerading as adults.

Encouraged by their families, they proceeded to practice and perform outside of domestic circles: at block parties, school fundraisers, playgroups and taverns (yes taverns - Sunday afternoon family fun)

Their first CD,  Bing Bang Bong , was recorded in 2010 with the help of musical neighbours and friends  many of whom now regularly play with Hey Buster.   Tom Stewart (SLo' Tom) is the Bass player and contributing Songwriter.  Allen Bragg   performs on Steel guitar, Dave Kerr on electric guitar and Michael Ball on fiddle.   Teacher pal, Stephen Skoutajan  sits in on drums and Bongos.


Their second CD,  Yeti Likes Spaghetti , recorded in 2013, benefits from a few more years of performing experience as well as inspired input from Dave Draves of Little Bullhorn Studio and also the guidance of musical mensch Al Bragg.

The Hey Buster live show is energetic and interactive, thanks to Matt and Geoff s years of teaching experience and Sherwood s many years of performing in taverns. Hey Buster still performs as an acoustic trio, but prefers to have the stage filled with musical friends. 


Dan Zanes
Buddy Holly
Woody Guthrie
Mills Brothers
Yeti Likes Spaghetti
May, 2013
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Bing Bang Bong
December, 2010
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