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artist Gwen Swick


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Gwen Swick’s music is a shifting palette of cabaret, folk, country, art pop, gospel, nonsense, torch and retro Tin Pan Alley – and it works.
Her voice enchants and her songs captivate as she turns the ordinary business of life into an intimate examination of the shared human condition.
The Globe and Mail says “Swick’s songs are pure delight,” and Stuart McLean agrees: “I heard a song of Gwen’s that knocked my socks off. I sat in the car and couldn’t get out till the song was over.”
Gwen is a rare bird – a poet with an exceptional melodic sense and what the Toronto Star calls a “mesmerizing voice.”
The creator of three acclaimed solo records, Gwen performs as a solo artist, writes vocal arrangements, and is a quarter and one third of Quartette and the Marigolds, respectively.


Gwen Swick
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Gwen Swick

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