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artist Gravity Wave

Toronto, ON, CANADA
fuzzy logic recordings
Electro, Folk

biographical info

A Master of Ceremonies in the truest sense of the words, Ken Farrell (Party Leader) along with bass player and producer Finlay Braithwait (The Diamond Stud) turtablist Ryan V Hays (DJ The Romantic Theif) and drummer James Hodgkinson (Textbook), packs an arsenal of infectiously fun party jams and a live show that allows Gravity Wave's performance art slash rock show to ignite any crowd, anytime, anywhere.


Ken Farrell Party Leader
Finlay Braithwait Diamond Stud
Ryan V Hays DJ The Romantic Thief
James Hodgkinson Textbook
fuzzy logic recordings
November, 2009
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Twin Prime Conjecture (EP)
April, 2008
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Martyr's Brigade
November, 2007
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