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artist Garth Nosworthy

Winnipeg, MB, CANADA
Just Kiddin

biographical info

Born and raised in Winnipeg. Garth learned guitar from Jack Riddell starting at the age of 5. By 12 years old, he was playing in The Sonics, TC and The Provincials and then The Mongrels.

Managed by Lorne Saifer and produced by Randy Bachman, The Mongrels signed with RCA USA and then Capital Records USA.

The Mongrels released several singles written by Randy Bachman including:

Sitting in the Station, My Woman, Funny Day and Death of a Salesman.

As the members developed their own writing skills, the Mongrels released:

Ivy in Her Eyes, and When I Get Up, with vocals by Alan Schick, and Duncan Wilson. These songs are still in the vaults of Capital Records, except for a few copies extracted from an errant acetate in the hands of the band members.

Skip ahead after The Mongrel's disbanded, Garth was working independently as a song writer on projects for the Rainbow Society, as well as a departure into a support album for the humorous cookbook series "How to Prepare Roadkill" by "Ike Turnpike and The Ditchcombers" 

Skip ahead further, Garth finds himself entertaining children at schools and daycares with some fellow musicians. This lead to the incarnation of the Family/Children's Entertainer's "Just Kiddin' ".

Just Kiddin' has released 3 CDs, two of which were nominated for a Prairie Music Award and one "Imagination" won The Prairie Music Award for Outstanding Children's Entertainment.

Residing in Winnipeg, Garth and Just Kiddin' perform at major festivals in Manitoba and have toured Saskatchewan and Northern Ontario.

"Love of the Game" was written by Garth and is from the CD "Out Standing In Our Field".


Garth Nosworthy Administrator
Craig Buckboro Musician
Paul Cerilli Percussionist
Mike Przednowek Bassist
Alan Popowich Guitar


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Al Simmons
Randy Bachman
Burton Cummings
Neil Young
Joe Pass
Jake Chenier
Aaron Burnett
Out Standing In Our Field
Just Kiddin
February, 2008
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Just Kiddin
February, 2000
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Just Kiddin
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Winnipeg, MB, R3R 3R4
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Garth Nosworthy

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