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artist Ganglion

Calgary, AB, CANADA
Societal Records

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Ganglion is the nom de musique of Ivan Reese, a scholar and a heteroclite from rural Sylvan Lake, and his gang of misfit/freak-cohorts in Calgary, Alberta. Ganglion as a band expand for live performances and certain recording sessions, to include a vast number of collaborators spread across western Canada, many of whom have their own musical projects. Ganglion's music is crammed with diverse instrumentation paired against unconventional compositions, resulting in a detail-oriented soundscape that just begs for the foreground.

The first physically-released album is available at Megatunes in Calgary. It was assembled and put forth to "Told you so" a dare, posed by Ivan's good friend (and sometimes Ganglion contributor), Kris Ellestad.

Ganglion are working on a boxed set of 81 songs on 8 CDs. They won't be done for many months, but in the mean time you may enjoy some of the first album here at NMC, or the entirety by visiting our label at The 81 songs feature various contributions from a few dozen people, and are being created with as many different songwriting approaches as we can devise. Each album contains our take on a genre or style of music, mangled and reinterpreted, subject to a little bit of theme and as much variation as we can muster. For example, the first album is our take on modern Folk music, and the direction many bedroom-orchestras (as we like to call them) are taking.

Enjoy, and thanks for stopping by!

- Ivan Reese and Ganglion, Nov 19 2007


Ivan Reese Songwriter
Owen Thelwall
Richard Spiegel
Megan Gerbrandt
Jessica Zoe Yeandle-Hignell
Kris Ellestad
Kiri Rix
Jess Prive
Schuyler Snowdon-Anderson
Societal Records
May, 2008
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Calgary, AB
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