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artist Greatest Explorers in the World

Victoria, BC, CANADA
Alt Pop, Alt Rock

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So Pippo, the little hippo, and Peter, the little tortoise, walked on towards the big rocks and the purple hills. "We are the greatest explorers in the world," they thought happily. ~ Inge Hyman, 1974. The Greatest Explorers in the World are an indie rock band from Victoria, B.C. We enjoy traipsing, galivanting and rambling among the beautiful landscapes of our home on Vancouver Island. When it comes down to it adventure is our game, and music is merely another medium through which we express our joie-de-vivre. Check out our new Caverns EP, available now only at Ditch Records in Victoria (or at our show).


Matt Lockhart Guitar, Vocals
Conor Conley Guitar
Mack Gordon Bass
Tristan Thompson Drums


Ferdinand Magellan
George Vancouver
Indiana Jones
James Cook
Juan de Fuca
Aaargh! Annual Year Two
January, 2007
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Caverns EP
April, 2006
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where to buy
635 Johnson, Victoria, BC
(250) 386-5874
Some streams are not available outside of Canada. If you are located in Canada, please Contact us and we'll respond as quickly as we can.

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