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artist Francoise Doherty

Kingston, ON, CANADA

biographical info

As a Filmmaker-Songwriter, Françoise Doherty’s musical shorts have been shown worldwide and have gathered distinctions such as the Audience Choice Award at Cineffable in Paris France and the Audience Choice Award for Montreal’s Image + Nation International Film Festival. To date they have screened in 20 countries.  She is a trailblazer in Queer Activism with her series of queer animated shorts for children. Her DIY approach to songwriting + animation allows the musical story to remain intimate. Musically, she composes, plays multiple instruments, sings and mixes tracks.

The international release of her newest animated musical short, "The Girl Bunnies. ROCKETSHIP" took place in San Francisco on June 25th 2015.  It is based around 5 new songs and 10 000 still photographs. Synopsis for 4th instalment: Two girl bunnies separated by outer space, meet on a block of ice, become romantically smitten and look for a way to cross the galaxy. It is a story of love and transitioning.

She released "The Girl Bunnies. BIG TREE. out of San Francisco in June of 2011 is based around 4 songs: Banana Swirl, Joy, Break Me and Waiting.

"The Girl Bunnies. HOCKEY." was released in 2009 out of Montreal. The story grew out of the songs “ Girl Loves Girl, Do you Remember Me and I Like Hockey”. Besides screening in numerous festivals worldwide, it screened at the Olympic Pride House, Vancouver, during the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. This marked the first time in Olympic history that Queer athletes as well as Queer coaches and Queer spectators had a Pride House.

Les Lapines (The Girl Bunnies) was released in 2008 out of Montreal . The song “The Loveliest Sound” was the inspiration for the script.

She has taught through the arts for many years, from elementary children to schools including Concordia University in Montreal, The University of Windsor and other tech schools/programs. She received an MFA from Cal Arts in Los Angeles.

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Francoise Doherty vocals piano guitar
Francoise Doherty keys flute melodeon
Francoise Doherty songwriter producer
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145 Ninth Street, #300, San Francisco, 94103
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