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artist Feelgood

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Techno, Prog House

biographical info

Feelgood discovered house and techno while pulling overnight shifts through high school in the early 2000's. One of the few stations that he was able to pick up while working was a live to air station from former nightclub 'Barcode' in Hamilton, Ontario. The steady hypnotic beat and the finer nuances of local Toronto DJ's helped him get through the early mornings. It was different than any of the commercialized music heard on other stations.

It wasn't until he experienced WEMF that he was hooked. It was the loud beautiful soundscapes created by a dark brooding progressive tune, in conjunction with the surreal rave mentality. The peace,love,unity and respect that came with the outdoor festival is what made him fall in love with the scene. The outdoor rave mentality was free of all the superficiality that came with big city clubs. No bottle service, no attitude, no fluff. Just music, the night skies, and your closest friends. This is what EDM was supposed to be about.

Soon afterwards, he began using his university roommate's CDJ's to practice and learn the skills of the trade. With time and practice came gigs and opportunities.

Feelgood stays away from the commercial side of things preferring to stick to the much more organic roots of the rave scene. Steady techno/ house rhythms infused with some progressive are Feelgood's flavors.

More recently, he has started working with local label, Amplified Digital.

He currently holds a bi-weekly residency at NV Lounge in Guelph for 'Release' Fridays


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