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artist Evil Farm Children

Ottawa, ON, CANADA
Dad's Favourite Records
Rockabilly, Surf

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Taking their name from a synopsis of the B-grade, horror flick, Blood on Satan’s Claw……

This raw and raunchy trio from Canada’s capital has been gathering a growing legion of fans, and a reputation for intense stage shows.  Their sound is real rock’n’roll, with a roots-rock flavour. The band can easily do a rocking surf instrumental with the fervor of Dick Dale, and, in a heartbeat, shift gears to roll right into a rockin’ rockabilly rave up, or a Stooges influenced, feedback infused, pounding rock’n’roll song. 

Since forming in the summer of 2005, this trio has been regularly playing many of Ottawa’s live music venues, as well as traveling to play various clubs in Toronto, Montreal, London, Hamilton, Peterborough, and several other towns in Southern Ontario.  They performed at the 2008 Ottawa Blues Festival, one of the most popular music festivals in North America.  Their original material, as captured in their recordings (see below) matters most, but for their live shows, the band likes to have fun by whipping out some heavily “Evil-ized” versions of songs by the likes of Max Webster, Dick Dale, Black Sabbath, Tom Waits, Deke Dickerson, Conway Twitty & Loretta Lynn, Link Wray, and, even Alice Cooper.

Evil Farm Children are:

Dave Kerr     Guitar and lead vocals;  Former bands: DeadBeatDads, WizzleTeeth.

Janice Fitzsimmons       Bass, lead and backing vocals;  Former bands: The Ambassadors, Revv Engine.

Jeb Bond       Drums, background vocals;  Former bands: The Restless Virgins, Screaming Bamboo, Fenton Brothers, Purple, Evil Kneivel, Tall (Baton  Rouge, LA), Freudhammer.

In the fall of 2006, Evil Farm Children (EFC) released Knuckle Duster.  The 5 original songs on the CD demonstrate the band’s range from surf, to country, to psychobilly. The CD charted on both CKCU and CHUO in Ottawa, and was selected as one of the best local releases of 2006 by several CKCU DJs.  The Knuckle Duster CD has received airplay on Hoboken’s independent radio station, WFMU, which broadcasts throughout the New York City area.  The title song, Knuckle Duster, was included in the soundtrack to the independently produced documentary Project Canada (

EFC’s second release, Evil Farm Children II: The Evilling, was officially released in September 2008.  It includes 8 original songs (3 of which are instrumentals), and one cover song, a surf-rock version of Hangover, by Canada’s legends of the 70’s, Max Webster.  The album has charted on both CKCU and CHUO in Ottawa, and made the !earshot top 50 chart for March 2009, by receiving spins from radio stations like CHRW (London), CHRY (Toronto), and CJAM (Windsor).  It also received airplay on WFMU (Hoboken NJ) and KSER (Everett, WA).  Just in time for Halloween, 2009, Evil Farm Children premiered the video for their zombie love song from The Evilling, called Brain Buffet.  Shot in Toronto in August ‘09, the video was directed by Geoff Whitman of Favours for Friends Pictures in Toronto, who also directed the zombie short film Bum of the Dead, which features EFC on the closing credits soundtrack.

Evil Farm Children have just released 2 new songs, Three Orange Whips b/w Outer Limits Bride, on May 1, 2010, on a 45 RPM, 7” piece of coloured vinyl.   Three Orange Whips, is also included in the soundtrack to a documentary called 10 Days Across Canada, which was released nationally in April 2010.   The Evilling CD is available to retailers in Canada through JMac Distribution (Ottawa).  The Three Orange Whips / Outer Limits Bride 7" single is available to retailers in Canada through both F.A.B. Distribution (Montreal) and JMac Distribution (Ottawa).  The Evilling CD can be purchased from CD Baby.  Or, ask for it in one of your favourite record stores, the ones that matter!

You can discover the unadulterated twangy rock’ n’ roll of EVIL FARM CHILDREN at: , CBC Radio3 ( , or CD Baby (




"It's a 45, coloured vinyl, folks, to add to EFC’s collection of music that Rocks.
Three Orange Whips/Outer Limits Bride....
Got to give it to the Evil Farm Children; not only do they come out with this year’s best single so far, but it is a must for any true lover of all things surf.
Three Orange Whips: it's straight up, pure vintage and not over the top surf.
On the B side: Outer Limits Bride is a real Kool Little Rocker with great Harmonica licks...
What's not to like. "  Johhnyslam's blog, May 11, 2010

“How often can you listen to Max Webster before getting sick of the tunes? Trick question, dude - you can never get sick of Max Webster. That's why baby boomers recall their drunken high school gym concerts with such fondness and continue to pack the Ex for Kim Mitchell's annual (toupé optional) soirée. It's a wonder so few dare cover the legends, and a nice surprise when they do. Evil Farm Children may be a contemporary rough-and-tumble outfit relatively fresh on the local scene, but they show their vintage rum and coke roots with a crankin' version of Hangover. Yeah! Power trio muscle with some surfy twang, Evil Farm Children unleash their sequel monster, and it's a goodun. Part Gretsch whammy instro wailin', part ragged vocal locomotive mayhem, The Evilling is the perfect fuel for your Saturday bar brawl.”  John Sekerka, Ottawa Xpress, September 11, 2008

 “I was thrilled when Evil Farm Children cranked up the volume and detuned the strings for their deliciously raunchy tunes Knuckle Duster, Your Time is Up and Border Blaster.” “Kerr showed he was an intense performer who could pick a guitar with the best of them.”  Denis Armstrong, Ottawa Sun, July 5, 2008 (reviewing Blues-Fest set)

“A trio of experienced garage-rock aficionados…(they) rock like Beelzebub's very own rottweilers are snapping at their heels."  Whisperin’ and Hollerin’, March 2009

“What we're talking about here is some quality rock'n'roll from a band with one of the coolest names in the business. Surf rock instrumentals aside, the tracks on this album are energetic, well-played and should have enough cross sub-genre appeal to give most x-Billies a kick. WARNING: do not play The Evilling in your car, you'll end up with your foot to the floor and the blue noses zapping you with their little fun detectors.”  Rink, CD Baby Review

“Ottawa based trio…that draws influences from such notables as Link Wray, Evan Johns, early LeRoi Brothers and any other like minded combo to produce some pure nitro driven rock’n’roll! Would love to see this band play out as they probably destroy live!” (Dave O’Halloran, Mongrel Zine #4, Dec. 2008)


Dave Kerr Guitarist / Singer
Jeb Bond Drummer / sometimes moaner
Janice Fitzsimmons Bass / singer


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Three Orange Whips b/w Outer Limits Bride
Dad's Favourite Records
May, 2010
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Evil Farm Children II: The Evilling
Dad's Favourite Records
September, 2008
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Knuckle Duster
Dad's Favourite Records
December, 2006
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Cone of Silence 3:42

Cone of Silence

Recorded live at the Dakota Tavern, Toronto, July 19, 2008

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593-B Bank St., Ottawa, ON, K1S 3T4
cyberspace, Ottawa, ON
190 Bank St., Ottawa, ON, K2P 1W8
785A Bank St., Ottawa, ON, K1S 3V5
1097 Wellington St., Ottawa, ON, K1Y 2Y4
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