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artist Evan Paul

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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...and jazz, blues, classical, celtic, folk, country, pop, rock, WORLD....and many combinations there of...mostly ACOUSTIC.

After decades of playing live with various bands and solo, in Canada and U.S., Evan has finally settled into recording and producing his own material. His first CD, "Spirits in the Sky" written on the shores of Wasaga Beach and inspired by the awesome sunsets, achieved great success, loved by the public and especially by his peers, worldwide.

Here's one review of "Spirits in the sky" at the time of release in May 2003. There are over 1800 comments left by his peers on his main music site at soundclick, praising his music.

"Ripples" by Evan Paul Kozaris 

"We see them in the water... we feel them in our lives".
His wonderful acoustic guitar melodies drift over you like the southern breeze in a summer's night dream. No word can really express the relaxing journey Evan can take you on with his magic velvet touch on the strings of his classical guitar. The spirit of the music takes you on a journey to a much better place and time.

Although his material is listed as New Age it is really more of a pure form of guitar and acoustic instruments playing a very mellow soft touch blend of jazz, classical, funk, soul, Latin, rock and country as well as world music. This is a marvelous album to kick back and listen to just about any time. Majestic in its scope it is very uplifting and has a professional high quality recorded sound. I would recommend this artists whole page I have listened to it many times and can not find a song I don't enjoy listening to. guitar Salut king :wink

john de boer
We all have a song inside us it tells us who we are.

Evan was an electric lead and rhythm guitar player in all the bands, discovered the classical just prior to his "Spirits in the Sky" release in 2003. Since then, he has become one of the highest Indie artists played world wide, with over 3 million plays, not to mention hundreds of thousands in sites like that have gone under. All this without any publicity, which is the driving force of any artist.

He still uses electric guitar, but it's the classical that brought him to the forefront of world audiences. He doesn't consider himself a singer, although he sang some leads and harmonies in the bands. He has been encouraged  to do more lately. He is a songwriter with an "out of the box" approach to melodic ideas. According to his peers, he is simply different, in his own world.

Since breaking into the internet scene with Universal's and Soundclick, two major world OMDs, Evan has done many collaborations with U.S., British, Canadian and German artists. On top of writing, he is also the engineer and producer on all the collabs. But mostly, it's just Evan on all instruments used.

His latest CD, "Eklektika" promises the same success, as already, almost all the songs have achieved #1 status at soundclick, where over 1/2 million artists reside. All 42 songs can be downloaded there. "Eklektika", has been released, downloadable at soundclick, itunes and all other stores. Eklektika is one of the most eclectic collections ever heard, covering many genres and threaded with his trademark.

He strives for 3 elements in his writing style, simplicity, beauty and originality. His forte is instrumental, but his vocal songs in which he pays special attention to lyrical content and catchy melodies and yes, even comedy, have also been praised.

A lifetime of music creating and performing in the  trenches, including, some of the toughest bars where most people fear to tread, has given him the experiences most artists have not had. He has paid his dues over and over again, now his creative side leads the way. He will perform live once again, but  under different circumstances.

After listening, I'm sure you'll agree, this artist is like no other. Evan Paul, the band, is Evan Paul Kozaris.




Evan Paul songwriter musician


September, 2011
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Spirits in the Sky
May, 2003
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Georgian Bay Sunsets 4:54

Georgian Bay Sunsets

Breathtaking Photography of Georgian Bay Sunsets set to music by Evan Paul

Murphy's Cosmic Odyssey 10:26

Murphy's Cosmic Odyssey

An amazing journey into space from the present to the future, the oil on canvas paintings of Murphy Elliott. His vision through the robot's eyes encounters many galaxies, many inhabitants of different matter and nature, including humans. There is mining, building of cities, space ship battles, even pirates as his robot's ship, "The Enterprise Orbitor" glides through the universe to reach the far out destination known as "InsideOrbit".

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Toronto, ON
Toronto, ON
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Evan Paul

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