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artist Endsville

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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ENDSVILLE is a roots based rock band that will move you from the gentle delivery of pastoral whispers to the urgent call of city soaked screams in the space of 4 minutes. While weaving the tales, and taking out the trash of our lives, ENDSVILLE produces a sound that is familiar, yet original, with traces of influences like Elvis Costello, Iggy Pop, Ron Sexsmith and REM all wrapped up in a powerful and emotional delivery.

Endsville is a band that multiplies the energy in their music tenfold when they hit the stage. Whether it’s high energy acoustic rock like “Paranormal Sunrise” and “Bartender Song”, or full on, full out electric rock anthems like “Ants” and “Room”, or Keith busting out a harmonic solo and thrusting out into the crowd while the band rocks the stage in “Get Away”, their shows are enthusiastic, entertaining and charged with energy.

The secret to their sound and their philosophy on stage is ensuring the audience is having as much fun listening as they are playing – and walking off stage having given everything to the performance and to the audience. The sum of all these parts culminate in one of the most talked about new bands in the Toronto this year.


Nov 29/05 ENDSVILLE's debut at The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern

Dec 9/05 - Second live show won 1st place in round 1 of the Emergenza Music Festival.

Jan 11/06 ENDSVILLE has the honour of sharing the stage with Danko Jones

March 12//05 Emergenza Music Festival (Round 2) - ENDSVILLE won and advanced to the Semi-finals, we didn't end up going to the finals, but we had fun...and that's what's important (right billy?)

May 18/06 ENDSVILLE launches ROCK4AREASON. The first ROCK4AREASON was in support of The Toronto Child Abuse Centre ( The press reacted positively (unfortunately none of it was print or we'd have it here...), including a feature by Hannah Simone from MuchMusic who attended the show and several mentions on Toronto's Edge102

In the fall of 2006, Endsville was asked to play the Belfountain Salamander Festival (our first outdoor festival!) - The organizers remarked afterwards "Your music was truly fantastic and we were blown away by how good your group is. Thank you for a great show; I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.... ...We will keep in touch and if you are available next year we would love to have you back."

In the later part of 2006, Endsville grew to 5 members with the addition of Matt Bartram on keyboards and Paul Butters on Guitar and after a couple of months of rehearsals Endsville played it's first gig as a 5 piece at The Degrassi House (Toronto), and since then has been building momentum with gigs at The Savannah Room, The Charlotte Room, and the El Mocambo.


Vox/6-String: Keith Jolie
Keith is a seasoned singer and songwriter, and somehow with all his many talents has managed not to develop the “Rockstar” ego. His lyrics are taken from real life experiences and enveloped in guitar tones that scream conviction. To his credit Keith has also released a solid solo album called “City so cold” in 1998, which is available at or itunes, and 2 other limited releases.

Skins: Minas Hatzigiannatzoglou
If you’re counting, yes it’s 18 letters long. Minas developed his technique from years of learning from the masters of rock. If it’s filed under ‘classic rock’, he can play it. His philosophy is simple - if you are going to play a rhythm, then make sure everyone is going to feel that rhythm. You’ll always see a grin on his face, when the kick drum drops and the stage comes alive.

6-string : Paul Butters
As a teenager, Paul's parents threatened to take away his guitar if his school marks didn't improve, since he practiced instead of doing homework. Little did they know the guitar was going to get him a degree (music at U of G), a job (music teacher) and a wife (met her at a music store). Who's had the last laugh now! For the past ten years Paul has been living the true hard-core rock n' roll life: Teaching classics like "Little Rabbit Foo Foo" and "Fuzzy Wuzzy Wuz a Bear" to Elementary school kids. Anyone would agree that pace of that sort cannot be maintained without going down in a fiery crash ala Bonham, Hendrix and Morrison, so nice relaxing late nights playing with Endsville is just what this guitarist needs. He cheerfully admits to a wide range of influences, including Van Halen, Joe Pass, Leo Kottke and, of course, Raffi. Mostly he just likes to play; genre be damned! He also lives by the credo "Move when the spirit says move", so don't be surprised if he bounces around on stage a bit!

Tickling the Ivories - Matt Bartram
Since deserting from the French Foreign Legion after a minor misunderstanding with three of the commander’s five wives, Matthew has worked to blend into society by losing his six-pack abs and pretending to work at several companies whose names will remain confidential to protect the innocent. He has been playing piano for longer than he can remember and thanks his parents for forcing him, teary-eyed, to continue music lessons throughout his adolescence. Musical influences are varied and include The Grateful Dead, David Bowie, ragtime and jazz, Pink Floyd and a one-eyed leper that he met in Calcutta who played La Bamba on the harmonica.


Keith Jolie Singer/Guitar player guy
Minas Hatzigiannatzoglou Drummer
Paul Butters Guitar
Matt Bartram Keyboard
Morgan Phillips Bass man


Blue Rodeo
Green Day
Neil Young
Ron Sexsmith
Greatful Dead
Joe Pass
Leo Kottke
Van Halen
David Bowie
Pink Floyd
Leonard Cohen
Nick Drake
Jeff Buckley
The Alarm
Bob Dylan
Garnett Rogers
Sidewalk Stories
March, 2008
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City So Cold
August, 1998
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