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artist Elevator

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Blue Fog

biographical info

ELEVATOR is mostly an exploratory of Rick White. Rick is a small town maritime musician, painter, writer, producer, craftsman, filmmaker, recluse, spiritual, superstitious, prophet, haunted headcase. His albums and art have always been more of a documentary or biography of his perspective. He wrote and recorded with early ‘90s Sub Pop band ERIC"S TRIP, who releases three full albums and many singles and were the first Canadian band signed to the popular Seattle label. In 1996 the band split and Rick continued with a solo project he had begun called ELEVATOR TO HELL. Mark Gaudet, drummer of ERICS TRIP, and Tara White were brought on to play live and they released three more albums with Sub Pop before leaving them after 1999s Jack Endino produced Vague Premonition album.


Mark Guadet Drummer
Rick White
Tara White


Syd Barrett
Blue Fog
December, 2004
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Darkness/ Light
Blue Fog
November, 2002
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A Taste of Complete Perspective
teenage usa recordings
April, 2000
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Vague Premonition
Sub Pop Records
January, 1999
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Parts 1-3
Sub Pop Records
January, 1996
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