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artist Donovan Woods

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Aporia Records
Folk, Country

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Toronto singer/songwriter Donovan Woods' third album Don't Get Too Grand featuring the singles "Put On, Cologne" and "The Coldest State",  will be released through Aporia Records/Outside on March 26th. 

With a voice as notable as his lyrics, Donovan Woods is widely recognized as an acclaimed recording artist and performer, and an in-demand country and folk songwriter from Toronto to Nashville. His first two albums (The Hold-Up, 2008 & The Widowmaker, 2011) were released to glowing reviews, praising songwriting that is “brief and spare, while his husky vocals and smart lyrics pack the emotional punch" (NOW Magazine). His work has been featured on CBC Radio where he’s in regular rotation across the country and he recently completed a tour of Canada and Europe. Woods has also carved out a niche for himself as a busy songwriter for TV and film. His music has appeared on television shows like “Felicity,” “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” ABC’s “My Generation,” and the Matthew Perry film “Numb.” Shuttling between his Ontario home and frequent collaborations in Nashville, Woods has co-written songs with the likes of Grammy Award winner Marcus Hummon and One Flew South’s Chris Roberts.

With the release of this third album, Don’t Get Too Grand, Donovan Woods further hones his distinctive style. Amidst precise writing and restrained, yearning arrangements, Woods explores the landscapes of his life, inside and out. Piercingly honest and quietly anthemic, he sings with a striking sense of the world that produced him – the unsung towns of Canada’s industrial heartland. The result is an album that’s transporting, and never loses the dry, self-deprecating humour that has endeared Woods to his audiences from the start. 

"I wanted to make a simple record with songs that allow a listener to get inside of them," said Woods.  "I wanted every song to be completely accessible. I don’t want to hide behind some grand artistic statement; I’m just trying to make folk songs that people will hum along and tap their foot to. I thought the title Don’t Get Too Grand worked as a nice reminder to myself that simple is usually best. I heard the expression at a book reading I attended featuring author Richard Ford. He told a story about his aunt, on her death bed, saying to him, in reference to his new-found literary celebrity, “Richard, don’t get too grand.” He said the little phrase has helped him stay honest and forthright, and I hope it’s done the same for me."    

“There is something magical about a man and a guitar that doesn’t need tricks to make you keep listening.  Donovan Woods has that magic.” 

– HeroHill


“An uncommonly gifted folk-pop storyteller.” 

– Toronto Star

“Singer-songwriter Donovan Woods could quite easily be the next big thing if he gets radio exposure because Widowmaker, his debut release in the UK, is a gorgeous record.  The Canadian sing-songwriter keeps it simple, both when it comes to naming his songs and playing them, with most tracks underpinned by acoustic guitar.  Fans of Damien Rice and David Gray will lap this up, with his talent showing through on tracks such as “Jail”, “Phone”, and “How Much Is That Hat?” which are simply superb.  This is an album which gets better and better with every listen, and leaves the listener craving for more.”

– Liverpool Echo

"The Ontario-born troubadour’s second LP appeared in Canada two years ago and really shouldn’t have had to wait until now for international release. He claims he grew up hating his dad’s collection of Donovan/Arlo Guthrie/Paul Simon albums – but has clearly undergone a major volte-face since…"

– Uncut Magazine ("No TIme Has Passed" featured on August 2012 covermount CD)


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Don't Get Too Grand
Aporia Records
March, 2013
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The Widowmaker
Aporia Records
October, 2011
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The Hold Up
SunnyLane Records
April, 2007
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The Widowmaker Trailer 1:48

The Widowmaker Trailer

The Widowmaker Trailer

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Donovan Woods

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