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artist Dj Unimportant

Montreal, QC, CANADA
Epeorus Music

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Born on a cross-fire huricane in the Florida Keys, immediately transferred North at the age of three, this AWA (Aquarian With Attitude) ranks in the three best worst DJs world-over, along with Mix Master Mike - DJ U's "brother from another mother" - and fellow Montreal homeboy Buck 65. DJ Unimportant, that is I, and MixMasterMike together used to take devices apart and put them back together in ways that produced warped results. It turned into a sound-like-music many seem to enjoy (the two of us in particular.) I began working with rock stars by being unafraid to take the stage I started with George Clinton, Money Mark, the Beastie Boys, De La Soul, Buck 65, The Mystik Journermen, and it has just worked out. I believe it was because we are from worlds with lots of computers who are our friends. Anyhow, Six Two, DJ Tiga, Buck 65, and Men Without Hats all live here in Montreal, too, so I fit in perfectly. Bon chien!


Surely Serious mentor


Bootsy Collins
Hot Butter
Men Without Hats
Soft Cell
DJ Tiga
Colin Muir
Peter Worth
Richie Hawtins
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Dj Unimportant

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