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artist DJ-M

Tanumshede, SWEDEN
Electro, House

biographical info

Joakim Nilsson, also known as DJ-M, is not your average musician from Sweden. He’s a very tall musical genius able of combining all kinds of genres within one, yet add his own unique touch to it and still make it sound good.

When he was young his mother discovered that he had a special talent which would account to all of his musical talent in the future; he could re-play almost any musical piece on Piano, by only hearing it once. It was back then when he realized this is something he couldn’t pass away, and took a chance at producing music. It started out as a hobby at the age of 13, with no intention of getting his music "out there", and back then he went by the name of "DJ Masteriusm". This quickly changed into "DJ-M" which is his name today.

Today he is producing Electronic Dance music consisting of several other genres with his own unique touch to it to make it sound unique – which it does. Some would say that it’s a musical orgy of genres, mixed and compiled into one single unit known as his very own combination of Instrumental Progressive-Electro House with a  hint of DJ-M. As of right now he’s also looking to be signed by record labels since he believes that he can bring extra special content to the vastly growing EDM scene. Not only musically, but entertaining as well.

As he’s moving on with his label & gig searching he’s also looking forward to the future. He not only believes that it will be a bright future for him and his music, but also for music in general. As one genre “dies”, another emerges from the underground; “I’ve been hearing from some people that my music is before it’s own time. If that’s the case then I can only look forward towards a bright future”. While also being a very talented and thriving young musician he’s also trying to prove to people that it doesn’t matter who you are or where you’re from; you can still pursue your dreams!


He have also entered several contests and shared free downloads of his tracks through the web at sites such as;
Soundcloud, Mydjspace, Myspace, Elektrozon, Frizon, Snowfish, Thenextbigthing and Youtube. He's sharinghis music with one simple philosphy in mind: You always have a choice. Since he's a DIY-musician he can't depend on selling his music, only, instead he's giving his fans a choice. If you want to support him, you can do by either buying his music OR download it for free on various websites. Why for free you might ask, but the reason for it is very simple.. Free marketing.

He also released his first inofficial-independent EP at iTunes Store, Beatport, JunoDownload, Spotify and more at the 9th of August 2011 called 'The Puppet Master'. Approximately a year later his second inofficial release took place; ' The Field', which was a single. And not too long after that his 3 release was up, but this time it was another small EP, 'This is.. Something', including tracks such as "The Sky", "This is.. Something (Original Mix)" and "Could Have Been".

The Puppet Master
August, 2011
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