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artist DD/MM/YYYY

Toronto, ON, CANADA
We Are Busy Bodies

biographical info

DDMMYYYY (Day Month Year) got together after an intense fist fight that left all the band members with broken noses. Resolving never to fight again, the boys became pacifists and started to play music. Since their incarnation as a group the boy lived together and worked together, always looking for music to expand their minds. Eventually they made music worthy of releasing, soon they began playing shows, and currently they have become a force to behold. There is always confusion about the bands name or their intentions of style. DDMMYYYY attempts to have a "No-Style Style" or at the very least to indulge in the act of creativity as a means to push limits and shake traditions. DDMMYYYY is attitude, and pulsating shaking, punk ideals, with clean high ambitions, to communicate their story and ideas with any one with an open mind ear and heart.

The name itself was chosen as a placeholder, as a way to not have a name, or at least a static one. 

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Mike Claxton Bassman
Jordan Holmes Keys and guitar
Matt King drummer
Moshe Rudeboy Grandpa pants


arab on radar
blonde redhead
need new body
pink floyd
king tubby
captain beefheart
pretty things
The Locust
Burning Spear
The Pixies
Sonic Youth
Blood Brothers
Le Tigre
Frank Zappa
Dr. Joan
Dan Deacon
Botox Corvette
Black Square
We Are Busy Bodies
February, 2009
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Out of Touch Records
June, 2008
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Are They Masks?
We Are Busy Bodies
July, 2007
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Blue Screen Of Death
We Are Busy Bodies
December, 2005
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