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artist Dada Pogrom

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Beatkamp Inc.

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Dada Pogrom seek to evoke and express the darkness that surrounds all the works of man and nature. The universe is entropical at all levels of its existence and according to the current cosmological theorems, are finite and limited. As the days of a man’s life are limited, so too are those of a star, galaxy, a world, and a civilization. Within the chaos that is everything however, there exists the order of force and time, an order that governs all entropy and is the very root of beauty, This is Dada Pogrom and this is Tech Noire. Based in both Reykjavik & Toronto, Dada Pogrom draws influences from computer science, Royal Conservatory training, multi-media forms, and composes analogue music with an electronic attitude. Techno, lounge, and drum & base are presented in previous works:‘"Tech Noire’ and ‘Apocalypso’. Short film direction: ‘Varga One’ & ‘The Path Well Trod by Phileas Fogg also add to the repertoire and his musical lineage stems from Sigvaldi Kaldalons & Selmu Kaldalons, two highly acclaimed Icelandic composers of secular music. Dada Pogrom was signed in 2004 to Beatkamp Inc. where “Deja Voodoo” was recorded at The Warehouse in Vancouver and was produced by Anthony Fu Valcic (Marilyn Manson, Skinny Puppy). In 2006, 300 promo samplers were distributed to top fashion industry buyers and media via invitations from Superated, a Viennese fashion label who invited Dada Pogrom to perform for their presentation at Paris fashion week in March of the same year.


Gary Numan
J.M Jarre
J.S Bach
Skinny Puppy
Beatkamp Inc.
May, 2004
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Tech Noire
Beatkamp Inc.
September, 2002
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Toronto, ON
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