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artist Cold Dead Hands

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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Toronto’s Cold Dead Hands has been crafting note-perfect heavy pop since 2007. With the release of their debut EP, “Novelization”– a top-5 campus radio hit in Toronto – the band earned critical acclaim from as far away as the UK and Sweden. Since then, lead singer/guitarist Ian Strung and bassist/backing vocalist Robin Deyong have been honing their craft in front of appreciative audiences in Toronto and the surrounding area with their brand of hard hitting, nineties-influenced indie rock.

“All The Juice” followed in 2009, improving upon its predecessor, with a far more ambitious studio sound laden with lush harmonies. “All The Juice” managed to hit #2 in Hamilton, the band’s highest chart placing. Later that same year, the band contributed a cover of “Never Seeing The Ground For The Sky” to the compilation album “Take It In: A Tribute To Sloan.” On an album with such players as Matt Murphy and Peter Elkas, CDH’s track managed to stand out from the pack and earned the accolades of Sloan’s Andrew Scott. Now, Cold Dead Hands is proud to present “Space Out!”, the latest and greatest entry in the band’s canon.

CDH’s sound can be described as a mixture of classic progressive rock like Led Zeppelin and The Who and alternative acts such as Oasis, Weezer and Smashing Pumpkins. Throw in a little Queens Of The Stone Age, Muse, and classic Canadian acts such as Sloan, Change Of Heart and Rheostatics, and you’re pretty close. The music manages to cater to people who want melody above all while pleasing volume addicts. The band has shared the stage with everyone from classic 90s Canadian rockers like Bionic to more eclectic indie acts like Schomberg Fair.

Cold Dead Hands will perform “Space Out!” February 16, 2013 at Rancho Relaxo as a double CD release with fellow Toronto alt-rock standard bearers Divine Hammer. The first single is track 3 “Everything Changed” although all 5 tracks are suitable for radio. But let’s dispense with introductions: the music speaks for itself.


ian singer


Ian Blurton
Queens Of The Stone Age
Bachman Cummings
Space Out!
January, 2013
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All the Juice
March, 2009
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November, 2007
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College and Bathurst, Toronto, ON
 Limited Play
 Limited Play

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