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artist Cinderpop

Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Popoganda Records
Alt Pop, Space Pop

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biographical info

Vancouver’s rhapsodic popsters Cinderpop have been haunting the indie pop scene on the west coast since their since their first album "Violet Gamma Rays" was released. Made up of members Kevan Ellis (Sk Robot), Mark Jowett (ex – Moev), Joel Myers (Bend Sinister, Texture) and Digger Watkins (A Murder of Crows/ Twitch), and keyboardist Erin Jane (Salteens).Cinderpop were back with the eclectic landscapes that they are known for with their 3rd record, "A Lesson in Science"  released nationally in May  2008. A video was released for the single "Blonder."

And now Cinderpop has just released the 1st single called "Florentine" from their upcoming album, "Manic Sparkles" which is due out June 5th, 2012.



Kevan member


the beatles
the zombies
my bloody valentine
Manic Sparkles
Popoganda Records
June, 2012
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Cinnamon Winter E.P.
Popoganda Records
November, 2009
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A Lesson In Science
Popoganda Records
January, 2008
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Their Skies Are Beautiful
Bongo Beat records
September, 2005
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Lokacia Sun
September, 2001
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Violet Gamma Rays
Popoganda Records
January, 2000
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Cinderpop's video for the song BLONDER; the 1st single form their new album "A Lesson In Science."

Bastian Cooper 3:51

Bastian Cooper

Cinderpop, "Bastian Cooper", directed & filmed by Chris Hooper. From the Bongo Beat album, Their Skies Are beautiful. (more) (less)

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