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artist Christa Couture

Vancouver, BC, CANADA
One Foot Tapping Records

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biographical info

From the start, Vancouver’s Christa Couture established herself as a singer-songwriter with sharp-shooting wit, effortless grace and heart-on-sleeve intensity. Since her critically acclaimed debut album, FELL OUT OF OZ (2005), and her sophomore record, THE WEDDING SINGER AND THE UNDERTAKER (2008), she has explored intimate spaces with a frank confidence that avoids cliché and melodrama.

This “criminally underrated songwriter” (Alex Varty, Georgia Straight), released her third album THE LIVING RECORD in September 2012. Produced by Steve Dawson and picked by CBC Music as one of the “Best Albums of 2012,” the record is inspired by tragedy, yet it carries a bright and beautifully-orchestrated indie folk sound; sweet, idiosyncratic vocals reminiscent of artists like Regina Spektor and Jane Siberry; a luscious palette of sonic styles – fuzzy guitar, bluegrass-style pickin’, soulful cello, quirky chorus-like vocal arrangements, even a touch of cabaret.

A remarkable chanteuse, singing superb material,” as deemed by Roots Music Canada, Couture has toured across Canada and Europe from small towns to major festivals.

In addition to being a touring and recording artist, Couture is a graduate of the Vancouver Film School, the managing editor of “Indigenous Music Culture”, a knitter, a blogger, a graphic designer, a scotch drinker, and then some.


Christa Couture writer/vocals/guitar
The Living Record
One Foot Tapping Records
September, 2012
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June, 2011
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June, 2011
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The Wedding Singer and The Undertaker
One Foot Tapping Records
May, 2008
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Fell Out Of Oz
One Foot Tapping Records
December, 2005
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September, 2002
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You Were Here in Michigan 3:21

You Were Here in Michigan

Made with over 1,400 photographs and a lot of eyeliner.

Scared, Too 4:43

Scared, Too

What are you scared of? Directed by William Morrison.

Nothing's Changed 4:00

Nothing's Changed

Beginning at Game Over, our heroin retraces the steps that led to her demise in an 80s video game.

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1317 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC
604 - 251 - 6964
1972 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, BC
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