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artist Chris Page

Ottawa, ON, CANADA
Kelp Records

biographical info

Chris Page is Ottawa's original punkrock troubadour.

1 part Paul Westerberg, 1 part Ted Leo, 1000 parts Chris Page. Fronting the legendary Stand GT, Chris has cris-crossed the country, and pens songs both wistful and explosive: the soundtrack to late night summer punk love.

Plaintive, thoughtful, at times nostalgic, this is music that lays with memories of beginnings and endings, and might just be as crushing as a 100-watt wall of sound. - via Arboretum Arts Festival


Chris Page


billy bragg
husker du
rocket from the crypt
simon and garfunkel
A Date With a Smoke Machine
February, 2010
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The Minor Crime at Christmastime
Kelp Records
December, 2009
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Kelp 15
Kelp Records
May, 2009
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Most Career Hits - Kelp 14
Kelp Records
April, 2008
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Kelp Records
April, 2007
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Camp Radio
Kelp Records
April, 2006
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Decide to Stay and Swim
Kelp Records
January, 2004
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207 Bank St., suite 404, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2N2

Chris Page

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