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artist Camp Radio

Ottawa, ON, CANADA
Saved By Vinyl
Alt Rock, Alt Pop

biographical info

Camp Radio has taken the best parts of the power-pop genre and mastered them—the jangle-fuzz guitar, the catchy melodies and sad-bastard lyrics, the beat that makes your suede Pumas bounce.

They’ve layered them masterfully, in the proper proportions and with just the right amount of careless ease. It fizzes, it hops, and it sticks in your head. It’s rock and roll candy at its finest! 

Camp Radio formed in early 2005... the group includes Chris Page on guitar and vocals, Dave Draves on bass, and Scott Terry behind the drum kit.

During the ‘90s, Page cut his teeth with pop punk outfit The Stand GT, releasing numerous 7-inches, LPs, and CDs as well as touring Canada seven times with the band before starting to play solo, under both his own name and the moniker The Glen Nevous Retraction.

Draves was a member of the band Fishtales during the early ‘90s, but later moved on to the recording business; since 1994, he has operated Ottawa’s Little Bullhorn Productions and worked with the likes of the Wooden Stars, Julie Doiron, Gentlemen Reg, and Kathleen Edwards.

Terry, divides his time between Camp Radio, The Fucking Machines, Flecton & the Dreamcatchers, the Banditas, and Andrew Vincent & the Pirates.

They have two full length LPs to date, 2006's 'Camp Radio' and 2011's 'Campista Socialista'. 


Scott Terry Drums, vocals
David Draves Bass, vocals
Chris Page Guitar, vocals


180 gram vinyl
2 inch tape
a very young lou barlow
Campista Socialista
Saved By Vinyl
September, 2011
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207 Bank Street, Suite 404, Ottawa, ON, K2P 2N2
613 277-7389
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