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artist Cameron Austin

Barrie, ON, CANADA

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“When guitarist & singer-songwriter Cameron Austin takes his place in front of the microphone, he delivers a performance straight from the heart that sends a charge through the audience who came to hear music performed as it was meant to be performed – live.” (Brian Lockhart, Sideroads)

Cameron’s country-blues and folk-rock sound is peppered with percussive rhythms and salted with savoury grooves.

His latest album, Joy Jaunts & Impassioned Flings, is a road trip – window down, wind in your hair, feet on the dashboard; freedom and escape with the heat and grittiness of asphalt and gravel . . .


Joy Jaunts & Impassioned Flings: Kene Hyatt, Rick Roy, Anne Myers, Roy Hickling, Troy Wellington

Seems To Me – Kene Hyatt, Rick Roy, Stuart Steinhart, Alyssa Wright, Anne Myers


Cameron Austin Guitarist/Vocalist/Songwriter
Rick Roy Percussion
Joy Jaunts & Impassioned Flings
June, 2013
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Seems To Me
June, 2010
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