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artist CJay

Victoria, BC, CANADA

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Hey Folks... a little rundown for you... I grew up in Sherwood Park, AB (the worlds largest Hamlet–believe it!) and started playing music as a kid on piano. In junior high I jumped on percussion/drums, which lasted the rest of my school years. Though I love the ‘beat’, I had an itch for a more creative (not supportive) role, so I took up guitar in order to write and sing my own tunes... and here we are.

So, enjoy a few tunes, maybe even buy a couple, then join the email list and check back often for upcoming shows. Thanks for stopping by ~ CJay.


CJay Singer/Songwriter


Shawn Mullins
Kris Kristofferson
Johnny Cash
Damien Rice
Bob Dylan
Michael Bublé
John Mayer
Joshua Radin
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