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artist Ben Veneer

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Folk, Alt Pop

biographical info

The matter of his songs tends towards the age-old subjects of love and religion. Lyrically, a search for unity is expressed and sometimes terminated in ghostly traces: "People walk around at the break of the day / then they lie down in the air" and "Sacrifice is a word / that I won't say again. / Sacrifice is absurd".

Ben presently makes his home in Toronto where he has been performing solo since January, 2009, and since then has earned respectful attention from the songwriting community, performing weekly at legendary folk venue Fat Albert's and with a variety of folks from the Toronto songwriting community. After hearing him perform for the first time, Wiseman thereupon invited him to perform at a tribute concert showcasing his first album, "Bob Wiseman Sings Wrench Tuttle", to share a stage with Ontario cornerstones Don Kerr, The Great Lake Swimmers and Ron Sexsmith.


John Jacob Niles
Nina Simone
Paul Auster
Leo Tolstoy
Thelonius Monk
Laura Riding
Randy Newman
Charles Reznikoff
Regina Spektor
Bill Bourne
Ben Veneer
March, 2010
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