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artist Ben Gunning

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Alt Pop, R&B

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With the musical and cultural landscape challenging the role of a singer-songwriter, Ben attempts to power through by both embracing contemporary themes and sounds while maintaining a somewhat obscured thread of traditionalism and respect for the pop form. The music freely and respectfully borrows from R&B, Jazz, Electronic, and Experimental sources in the interest of delivering the songs with maximum vividness and surprise.

This record, Massive Love,  is a logical continuation of his solo work on Mal de Mer and Beigy Blur and benefits from the talents of some of Toronto's finest musicians: Kieran Adams (who produced the record), Bram Gielen, Thom Gill, Robin Dann, Alanna Stuart, Felicity Williams, Michael Davidson, and Joseph Shabason.

"Gunning is a singular talent, and those looking for something truly different will be rewarded by showing Massive Love some attention." - Exclaim!

"Multi-instrumental singer/songwriter Ben Gunning makes warm, Kodachrome-tone R&B. His songs are immersive worlds unto themselves — each fantastical and delicious and wildly inviting.  The tracks are 9000-piece expert-level puzzles or intricate stained glass compositions, but made durable like a rubber bouncy ball — the neon ones with a swirly pattern."  - Chartattack




Ben Gunning Songs, Vocals, Guitar
Massive Love
November, 2015
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Ben Gunning
New Scotland Records
April, 2011
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Mal de Mer
January, 2010
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Mal De Mer + 2
March, 2009
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Zunior Holiday
December, 2005
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Beigy Blur
April, 2005
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High Road (Live) 4:53

High Road (Live)

Southern Souls video

Destructive (Live) 4:08

Destructive (Live)

Southern Souls video.

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