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artist Beija Flor

Calgary, AB, CANADA
Alt Rock

biographical info

Beija Flor is a sound that extends beyond genres and mediums, offering a clash of fragile, twinkling melodies met with raw epic arrangements that encompass a vast spectrum of emotions. Evolving since 2003, Beija Flor has grown to be a diverse group of talented musicians, all who bring a variance of musical tastes and influences to the group. Through producing, performing and recording a collection of original music, Beija Flor has created an excited hum in independent music with their debut album, "The Quiet One and the Lonely One". With their second and brand new album "The American" Beija Flor has produced a more polished and mature album that sets the bar in independent alternative rock.

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Stephen Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Henry Bass, guitar, Cello, Vocals
Brett Guitar, Vocals
Paul Piano, Synth, Vocals
Hoyee Violin, Percussion, Vocals
Dan Wilson Drums


The Beatles
Johnny Cash
Robert Johnson
Blonde Redhead
Patsy Cline
Billy Holiday
John Lennon
Marvin Gaye
Tom Waits
Nick Drake
Mars Volta
Otis Redding
Maria Rita
Elis Regina
Antione Carlos Jobin
Bob Dylan
Amy Winehouse
Ron Sexsmith
Rod Stewart
Leonard Cohen
Janis Joplin
Led Zepplin
The American
December, 2007
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The Quiet One and the Lonely One
November, 2006
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