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artist Buck 65

Toronto, ON, CANADA
Warner Music
Hip Hop

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biographical info

Richard Terfry is Buck 65. He’s from Mt. Uniacke, Nova Scotia, which qualifies technically as the middle of nowhere. When he started making music, he was terrified that his friends would find out about it and kick his ass. That was a long time ago. In the last 20 years, he has released and given away more than 20 albums and countless other stray songs.

Buck 65 travels the world alone and collects books and movies and stories that haven’t been told yet. What he has seen has depressed and inspired him.

Buck 65′s music started out as hip hop. There’s still a strong whiff of that tradition, but it has evolved into something else. Sometimes it sounds rural. Sometimes it sounds like something fished out of a drain pipe. He wishes it sounded like a Terrence Malick film or a Max Ernst painting. Now no one knows what to call it.

Buck 65 has kissed Pamela Anderson, danced with Feist, recorded with Tortoise and played air hockey with Guy Maddin. He has made music for films – from a documentary about long-haul trucking to a French porno.

Buck 65 raps, sings, makes beats, plays instruments and DJs, but is best known for his dancing.


David Lynch
Kool Keith
MC Shan
Warner Music Canada
September, 2014
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January, 1997
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Kennedy Killed the Hat 2:20
Devil's Eyes 3:49

Devil's Eyes

Juno winning video

Zombie Delight 3:52
Paper Airplane 3:38
Dang! 2:45
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