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artist Andrew Laviolette

Thunder Bay, ON, CANADA
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"Andrew’s commitment to his craft, professionalism and charming attitude make him an absolute pleasure to work with". - Jenna Roebuck, Dawson City Music Festival. 

"A gifted singer and songwriter. Follow him to see the seeds of an artist bound for highways and stages for years to come". - Paul Lowenberg, Northern Lights Festival Boreal. 

"He's a little bit Jeff Buckley, a little bit Leif Vollebekk, but mostly he's just fantastic".- Amanda Putz, CBC Bandwidth.

With eight years of live performances under his belt, three cross Canada tours and two self-released/self-promoted albums, this young musician has gained the reputation of being a committed songwriter, a captivating performer and a tireless independent Canadian folk troubadour.

Over the years, Laviolette has showcased both his determination as an independent musician as well as his compelling storytelling abilities to audiences across Canada. Whether he’s working on his chops by playing all night for rowdy tavern crowds, sharing the stage with the likes of Doug Paisley, Bruce Peninsula and Geoff "The Whisky Rabbi" Berner at prestigious Canadian music festivals, or entertaining a train full of tourists crossing the country as the VIA Rail On-Board Entertainer, Laviolette grabs and holds his audience's attention with his "give ‘em everything you've got" performances.

During an Andrew Laviolette performance, audience members can expect to become a sort of “travelling companion”. Using his trademark rhythmic finger picking guitar-playing style, Laviolette first paints a musical landscape for his listeners and then transports them, with his pre-song dialogue and his many songs of wanderlust, to somewhere once traveled. It is through this unique traveling experience that listeners are able to revel in the intimate and almost out-of-body nature of an Andrew Laviolette performance.

Recently, Laviolette’s musical accomplishments include two spotlight performances at the 2012 Dawson City Music Festival and a three-week tour that took him from Dawson City Yukon and landed him some three weeks later in Thunder Bay Ontario. Laviolette now currently calls Thunder Bay home and will be spending the winter of 2012/13 working on recording his second album, which will contain new material and is scheduled for a spring 2013 release. Fans can also expect a spring/summer 2013 promotional tour for this new release.


Townes Van Zandt
Willie P Bennett
John Thibodeau
Guy Clark
Andrew Laviolette
April, 2013
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Southwest Wind
December, 2011
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This Far From Home
January, 2010
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Back In Ontario 4:59

Back In Ontario

Written in Thunder Bay ON. 

Andrew Laviolette 3:03

Andrew Laviolette

Promotional video for the independent Canadian songwriter Andrew Laviolette's new self titled album, set to be released 04/20/13.

Album available at

The artist wishes to acknowledge the financial support of both FACTOR and OAC for this project.

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