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artist Andrea House

Edmonton, AB, CANADA

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Andrea House is a singer with a penchant for melody whose writing floats beautifully between the hits of Patsy Cline and Billie Holiday, Willie Nelson and Irving Berlin, Allison Krauss and Norah Jones. Whether the genre is obvious or ambiguous, the focus is clear: this is a impassioned voice reminiscent of the great singers of the 1940’s and 1950’s telling stories of depth and meaning. Her songwriting is a dedication to compositions of the past, full of melody and romantic lyricism.

Andrea’s earliest musical memories are of church hymns and Old Time country music. Her musical education began in a small white church in Arrowwood, Alberta, continued at home with her parents record collection: the songs of Tom T. Hall, Don Williams, and Dolly Parton, and followed by her father, an avid music fan, learning anything and everything on the guitar by ear.
Spending her early twenties acting in musicals, dramas, and comedic theatre productions, Andrea’s nominations for three Elisabeth Sterling Haynes Awards, resulted in a win for Best Actress in 1990, for her role in “Babes in Arms” at the Citadel Theatre. With the encouragement of her mentor and guitar teacher, Terry McDade (Mcdade Family, Harpe Danse), Andrea started to play around Edmonton and in a short time was embraced by the local folk community, playing for the Northern Lights Folk Club, The Uptown Folk Club, and the Alberta Roots Music Society.
Encouraged by community support and the initial success her EP “Twilight, Andrea went to work on her first full-length album in 2003, subsequently releasing “Heart’s Hotel” to a sold out crowd at the Winspear Rehearsal Hall in January 2004. Andrea has toured each year to the ever-widening circle of fans around North America. With the help of American agent Annie Rock, and the advantages of Internet distribution, Andrea’s music travels farther with each new album. She has performed from New York to Vancouver to
Andrea’s most impressive achievement to date, however, is the family she has made with her partner, Chris Smith. Together they parent two lovely girls. Andrea, unable to find enough to do has a degree in French Literature from the Universtiy of Alberta and is a Registered Acupuncturist. In every area of her life, she believes in the joy of doing. So, to this end, Andrea spends her time working, writing music, doing laundry, playing hopscotch with the kids, and performing live.


Andrea House Singer/Songwriter


Willie Nelson
Ron Sexsmith
Elvis Costello
The Same Inside
September, 2008
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Heart's Hotel
January, 2003
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Andrea House

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